Saturday, February 5, 2011

Love Means Never Having To Take Out The Trash

I almost forgot this day is just around the corner. Until the Walgreens so cruelly reminded me, with a section dedicated to this Chocolate-Teddy Bear-Flowered infected day filled with "I love you", "I'm so lucky to have you" and "I'm glad I can finally fart around you".  When I went to check out, I noticed that all the things I was buying would indicate that I was taking on a lover. Shaving cream, a new razor and vanilla scented candle.

I have my moments when I miss having a Boyfriend. They always seem to be these 2 moments, when I want some loving and when my trash needs to be taken out.

Hey, more power to you love birds. I've had my share of romantic Valentines days. I've ate chocolate out of heart shaped boxes. I've had little teddy bears sitting on my well made bed. I've even smelled red roses before in my house. I just give a big salute with my middle finger the years I have to use a vibrator and when the smell of sweet roses is replaced with the smell of spoiled left overs.

(No) Love stinks!

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