Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Beautiful Change

Awww! Look how lucky I am (Yup, showing off here). I got a postcard and flowers all in one week? And yes, that IS a postcard of a cats face in a woman's crotch (inside joke, folks). In a world where most of our connections are now on the Internet and where we communicate through text messages, it's so nice to receive a postcard that traveled from another part of the world to get to me, and it took DAYS, not a click. And to open my door tonight to these beautiful flowers, is just old skool romantic. Which by the way, I didn't get too excited until I heard my name from the delivery man, because I've had flowers knock on my door just to realize that the guy knocked on the wrong door. That's happened with a pizza before too. Both highly disappointing moments. But this time the flowers WERE for ME, and now I just lie and say "Yes, that pizza IS for ME. How much do I owe you..thank you."

*Batting My Eyelashes*

I think the best part about this story is the fact that they got his flower order wrong and they messed up the card, too. Hahahaha! Oh, but I don't care. The gesture alone is so romantic. Even if the card was not understandable and indicated that I was 39, and the flowers were not the ones he picked out, I'm still smiling from ear to ear. I feel so girly. I feel delightful. But most importantly, happy.

And cheesy, I forgot cheesy. 
Yuck, so mushy tonight.

*Flowers celebrating change. It can be a beautiful thing. 
And he is.

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