Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh So Fake Salt Lake

This website was created to poke fun of people, especially the fun people that live here, that are so easy to make fun of. It is still a mystery who this Noa Freeze guy is, he is kind off like Charlie from Charlies Angels but with a lot more attitude and gossip, A lot of people love him for posting nice things (like myself) and some may want his head. Whenever I am informed that I have been posted on here I'm always relieved because I have seen him chop balls off and then after.. post the pics on his blog, Thanks Noa, whoever you are, it's a lot nicer then that website in Vegas that posted a picture of me at the Wynn and asked if I was the bartender on the Hills that was trying to come between Heidi and Spencer, what a homewrecker I am.

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  1. I was going to tell you about this, Noah like few.