Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mayer Hawthorne

It's no secret that I frequent concerts as often as I take a visit to the Mall, or to get my nails painted by the cute little Asian Lady, that never fails to ask me if I have a Boyfriend, and why not....WEEKLY! I have seen some amazing concerts. And, as a music addict, there is nothing like a good concert to get me high. Mayer Hawthorne last night took it to a whole other level. This young Gentleman full of soul and a voice that with eyes closed could be mistaken for Smokey Robinson, and in a flash, you're back in the Motown days, shooting dice in an alleyway in Detroit, on a hot Summer day in the 60's. He nailed it.

I have seen a lot of concerts, and once in a great while, you get a true entertainer. He got the crowd so into it. Got them dancing, clapping and leaving with a little more soul then they came there with. I'm honored to have been a part of this magical night.

In his video for "Just ain't gonna work out", he has this little red record heart playing the lead. He gives it to 3 different ladies, and ends up taking back, because it just ain't gonna work out. Last night he handed ME the heart during this song (I might have been jumping up and down screaming and begging, but I will never tell). After, I, of course had to  have him sign it. We chatted for a bit, and before I knew it I was naming our kids in my head (Kiki Hawthorne. Has a nice ring, right?).  I nailed it. But not literally.

Steven, the tour manager and I got talking. Before I knew it we were a Virgo and a Scorpion in a pod. I tend to pick the brains of Men when it comes to the subject that I'm most obsessed with at the moment...CONNECTING! He brought up such an interesting point, one that really left me wondering why I didn't think of this (Proving that Scorpions are smart and Virgo's  want to take the credit). He said "People don't connect anymore, for this reason", at that moment he held his phone up "The phone the internet. There was a time when you had to make eye contact to connect. Now we just text, or talk to people on Facebook. We don't spend that one on one time with people like people use to." How true is this people????  When my phone rings, I don't even like to pick it up. I rather text. What kinda of shit is this we are living in? Mayer's music took me back last night. Steven's words took me back as well.   I will say this, when a Man picks up the phone, and would rather talk, then text, big brownie points. Even if I don't pick up, I'm still impressed.

What happened after the concert? I may never write about. But I did have an amazing, lovely night. And I left this morning with my soul having a little more satisfaction then it came there with. When I left, I realized what a train wreck I was. Looked at my nappy ass weave. Peeled off my eyelashes, and had a glorious Tranny moment. Hey, I got soul, but I'm not solider.


  1. that concert was SO much fun. we danced the whole time. i saw you towards the end but you were on the opposite side of the stage. sounds like you had fun after as well :)
    i totally agree with the tour manager about how cell phones, internet have kinda ruined how we have relationships (there are definitely good things they bring don't get me wrong). it's just that people don't really talk anymore. guys don't really take girls on dates much anymore. it's just really sad when i've gone to a couple concerts with a guy and he thinks those are dates. like you i love when a guy can make a phone call, whether i answer it or not.

  2. I didn't see you, sister. We danced the whole time too. He really was so amazing. Such a fun crowd. I couldn't agree more. Dates? what? Dinner AND you wana talk too? Nah. Let's just text. Booo!

    Let's bring back the old skool. Pick up the phones. Look at someone in the face when you want to tell them you have been thinking about them. And go lay in bed with the guy you have a massive crush on, and talk. YES!

  3. I wrote a blog not too long ago about how I'm so anti-Facebook. I prefer to do my social networking in person! Not just guys - whatever happened to 4am giggle seshs via phone or in person with your girlfriends? Or actually vocalizing your feelings and thoughts to the universe, loud and proud?

    Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I want to see more effort from my loved ones than a text reminder to check out their blog to see what's new in their life. (You hear that Mom?? Ha ha)

    Gosh we chicks are so hard to please.