Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sing It, Honey Child

Last night Elijah had his 7th grade choir Christmas concert extravaganza, it was awesome and Elijah is a natural (coming from 2 parents that love the stage) I had the pleasure of meeting my "baby daddy" new Girlfriend, she was delightful and very sweet. Like me, they too have a long distance relationship. I could tell she was a little nervous to meet me, she warmed up to me pretty quickly when I started cracking jokes and made sure she knew I was kwel, as you can imagine we have been raising our son in a NON relationship for almost 13 years, it wasn't always like this but we get along great, he sat next to me and his Girlfriend, and we all sat during this concert pointing out the funny kids and giggling, I consider my "baby daddy" my family and I adore his parents as well, I ended the night giving Elijah public kisses that he shamelessly wiped off as he looked around to see if anyone saw, and I gave the Girlfriend a big hug goodbye as well, I have been hugging people a lot tighter lately, I have noticed. It was a fun night and Elijah is loved by many (BTW, I say "baby daddy" as if I was a guest on Muary Povich)

*Whats next for Elijah you ask? Hip Hop and Break Dancing classes in January.

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