Saturday, March 13, 2010


I can count on one hand how many times I have cried since January 1st...ok, ok, since January 2. I have always thought of myself as a highly emotional person (people who know me will agree) Some events that have happened to me recently are grounds for some very deserved cry baby moments, but I'm not even sure what it is that has happened to me that I honestly, as god as my witness, can say, I DON'T CARE. At least not for very long, that feels good. I DID lose count of how many times I laughed and rolled my eyes at people.

There is so much to smile about, like packing for London, planning a Birthday party for a bran new spankin Teenager, going to LA with a super cool dude and making plans to see Paris with this super cool dude. Waking up, counting your blessing and your dollar bills. Lunaberry. Laughing so hard that you fart. Laughing even harder about the fact that you laughed so hard that you farted. Spring, sleeping with the window open and waking up to the birds. Dresses that show off your legs, shoes that show off your toes, people that show off your smile. Realizing you can still do a cartwheel after all these years, making my bed every morning with my oldies and a smile, You feeling me? It's all gravy! I'm still human and I am going to experience whatever emotions come my way, I just clean up the mess quicker these days and move right along. A full box of tissues sitting pretty, that has been put to use by my longest cold in history.

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