Monday, March 15, 2010

A Little Somethang.

My Sundays are beautiful days. I did a photoshoot with the talented David Newkirk, We were on location at what could be the coolest 60's style home. Inspired by "A Single Man" a movie that really effected the part of my brain that is responsible for all creativity and lovely things. I got to put my collection of vintage dresses to use, I can't wait to see the rest. Steven Robinson, did my amazing big hair, that required him adding even more hair on top of my already existing fake hair. Janelle Corey, for the gorgeous makeup and for making me laugh. always. These guys are so talented and I enjoy being around them, so much. Thank you guys.

I couldn't let this fancy me go to waist so early in the day. To end the night with even more delight, I has invited to dinner at the Paris (one of my favorite restaurants in my hood), where I got the best surprise, that had me wiggling in my chair, Paris (one of my favorite places on earthl) is happening a month before I thought and we are REALLY going, Oh my goodness, I'm so giddy and happy. We ate mussels and shrimp risotto and with no guilt in sight, shared a crepe. All while I was swinging my feet around and giggled like a little girl with excitement. If it wasn't for the bottle of wine that we shared and that I looked a little Peg Bundy-ish, I could of passed for a kid that just heard about an upcoming Disneyland trip.

Paris, the happiest place on Earth!

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  1. Absofuckinglutly stunning.

    Thank you for your beauty and humor, Babsy!!