Friday, April 2, 2010

Around The Way Girl

Had a pretty bad ass music meeting with Allison, we have that feeling about each other (like when you meet a guy you like a lot and you just KNOW he likes you too..kinda like that) Allison and I are going to make some beautiful music together. I got fitted for my Bridesmaid dress for Ashley and Reed's wedding. Never been a Bridesmaid, so I just need a couple more times to go before I can say "Always a Bridesmaid, never a Bride", cause as of now, I can't say I have been either.

Got 2 moles removed today. One really had to go and the other, I will miss dearly. It has been a part of my chest forever, EJ use to smack it when he was little and scream "BUG". More proof that I easily get attached to things, I can't even get rid of T-shirts I have had for 10 years because I have some memory about it and giving it away would hurt it's feelings. In other words, you can imagine how much shit I have.

Mums the word! Have a great weekend, Possums.

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