Monday, April 12, 2010

Perv? Yes!

A little silliness in our room turns into FG's Bum! heehee!
That mirror I was shooting in front of was also a TV, it was trippy. You could watch yourself watch TV or watch yourself do other things...Anyway, back to the Bum!


  1. Haters will be haters - but I think you're fabulous! I don't know you personally at all (I kind of came across your blog accidentally) but I certainly see why people would like to hate you... it's easy to feel that way with someone who's as beautiful, talented and creative as you. I'm a woman - a straight, married one at that - so I'm NOT talking out of lust or a stalker-type-of-crush. I just wanted to give a compliment to someone who deserves it:) Thanks!!!

    Marrie B.
    Draper, UT

  2. AWW, well thank you Marrie B. That's really nice to hear! And I know girl love and I appreciate them ;)