Sunday, April 11, 2010

L.A & My Cool Cats!

Brynn and James. Small world that I met them both on different occasions, and it ends up they run in the same gang. I love these girls!
Tanner and Adam. FG and I had them over and we ended up cleaning a bottle of Tequila out and talking and laughing until 5am (It truly was such a fun night with these boys)
Amber and Tommy at the Liars concerts. We drove around Hollywood in her 1973 Mustang convertible, blasting Black Sabbath. Pulled up to Jumbos (a strip club-ish) and caused chaos. Amber is one of the coolest girls I have ever met and Tommy is just the best.
Catching up with Chico. I have not seen him since he lost his Mom to cancer last month, so I had to see him and give him my love. We have one of those connections that you can't explain, we just really love each other.
I needed this...Nuff said!
This dinner Friday night at El Compadres was one of the funniest nights FG and I have shared, everything was so funny and I'm laughing as I write this over some of the things that happen at this Mexican restaurant. I missed a step and about biffed it, if it wasn't for the fact that I landed on FG (which he describes as me taking him out like a hockey player) and ended up spilling my Sangria all over him. The hostess was calling for "Edward party of 2" when Edward stepped up, I told the Hostess that he wasn't Edward and that we were there before them (which was a lie but I was really hungry and every man for himself at that point) Edward had to show I.D because of what I said (hahaha) A Mexican hat dance in his pants. He bought me a red rose that I ended up cutting in half with a knife and making a mess. I pissed off the waitress, not even sure how but FG kept saying "Damn, she hates you".
I had such a great time with him, and so happy I got to see my Cats!

*All of these friendships (with the exception of Chico and Amber) were all Friendships that started in the cyber world (MySpace) Tommy and I had a conversation about how cool and rare these friendships are. I don't really think that Facebook has the magic that MySpace did back then. Even if the MySpacer is a thing of the past, these Friendships live on.

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