Wednesday, April 21, 2010


When I originally started this blog, I really thought I was going to be posting a lot about fashion (Especially when I obsess over it and has me with empty pockets) So, it's kinda weird that it's a subject that's neglected on my blog. A blog that's suppose to reflect who I am, and fashion is a very big part of me.

Let's talk fashion, aight? Oh, and by the way, I'm a true believer that fashion is what you make it, and most importantly, how confident you are in what your idea of fashion is. Ya diggin' what I'm putting out there?

I love to mix new piece with treasures I find at vintage shops. The "skort" (I hate that word, I rather just call it damn shorts) are from Forever 21, that store has some pretty cool stuff (Always). The belt is vintage from a little store in Silver Lake (wish I remembered the name) The black tank is from Nordy's, and the jacket is vintage from a thrift store here in Salt Lake (the jacket is bad ass, equipped with shoulder pads). I love over sized rings on the index finger (Always). I went light on the make-up, which means I ditched the lashes. Loving a clean face lately.

But let's give some love to the shoes. Aaaawww the shoes. Are they not fabulosos? Aye dios mio! (somethings I won't share)

*Thanks FG, for putting up with my "take a pic?" question as soon as he walked in the door. You're a good sport!
I wonder how many boys I put to sleep with this.

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