Monday, June 21, 2010

Hair Of The Sea

This Morning my friend Megan did this amazing fish braid on me. It's the tits, ain't it? We shall see if I can perform this art on myself in the near future.

I'm back home exhausted and now preparing for Vegas this weekend, Mexico on the 4th and back in L.A the weekend after that. Then I can have a much needed month home. I have been gone most weekends but home all week, which is nice. EJ is happy to have me home, and I'm tickled to have him in my possession. The thing about 13 year old boys, is that they love Summer and their buddies. Mom is so NOT coolio. Maybe thats my problem, that I'm using words like coolio.


  1. THE HAIR. (And ain't nothing wrong with the word "coolio".)

  2. Cary, the white Blouse is delish!!!!