Monday, June 7, 2010

Romp Romp

I'm such a fan of the romper. I have managed to start a collection from the little shops I love in Soho, to the vintage shops I ravish, and my weekly trips to Forever 21 (trying to make it every other week now these days)

The one hard thing about the romper, is that it makes bathrooms runs challenging. Seeing how you pretty much have to strip all the way down in order to use the little girls room. I wore my new blue romp (see bellow) to MGMT on Friday and after seeing the endless line curving out of the girls bathroom, I B lined into the Men's bathroom after my friend gave me the clear. I was not only brave to use the Men's bathroom, but also brave enough to get out of my romper. Eh, my attempts to come off modest are always a good time.


  1. I love rompers. An essential for summer!

  2. i actually saw you at the mgmt show! i was helping out by taking tickets at the door. i recognized you from your blog which i started reading awhile ago b/c there was a link to it on my good friend dainon's blog. anyway i wanted to say something but didn't wanna be a creeper. i love reading your blog and you have great taste in music--and you like krcl (i have a show on wednesday nights). sorry for the novella. my name is emily, btw.

  3. Hiiiiii Emily :)

    I would never think of you as a creeper for saying hello to me, if anything I would hug you and tell you thank you for the love :D

    Krcl on wed nights? What time? I will listen.

    AND thank you again. It means a lot to me!!!!

  4. my show is from 8 to 10:30 on wed. nights.
    eh, i wasn't feeling too friendly that night anyway b/c the latest bf just moved to san diego.
    i am always going to shows so next time i see you i will for sure say hello!
    p.s. you are even more gorgeous than your pics.

  5. There is no way you are escaping a huge from me now (after your very last comment) Thank you!

    Sorry you are bummed about the BF moving :(
    But, SD sounds like an amazing place to have a long distance and trips to visit to.

    I will listen next wend, for sure! I tried to find you on facebook (on ebays page) but I am not sure which Emily you are, so if you find me on his page hit me up on there too :)