Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan to me, is like a God. I think the reason behind that statement, is that he came into my life in my teens. Not influenced by my non-hippy mother, and not influenced by anything other that I heard his song in a movie, and that was it for me. He changed me. He had me. And still does.

Over the years I have missed his concerts, or have heard about them after the master had performed. I kick myself hard during those moments. I have always said that I NEED to see Bob Dylan live before he (or I die), but mostly him because, well, he's older. And me, well, cause people get hit by buses daily, so I can't exclude myself from the dying scenario. Ya feeling me?

As much as I love the "new" world, a time travel machine really needs to be invented soon. I want to experience Bob in the 60's. You can put a Man on the moon. We can talk to people on the Internet all over the world (in real time). We can even invent knifes that cut through metal "AWWWWW" (The Infomercial awww) But we can't time travel? Didn't Dr. Emmet Brown from back to the future give any of the real mad scientist any ideas? Chop Chop, guys! Plus, I also need to get to the bottom of Watergate.

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