Wednesday, August 18, 2010


You might remember this familiar (half) face. That's right, FG is making an appearance back on the good old blogster. FG and I had a nice little date to the Bob Dylan concert this evening. It was delightful. He packed a bag full of goodies, wine, and he brought some delicious cookies. The best (box of) Cookies I have ever had.

I never really talked about why FG and I stopped dating. We had a nice little talk tonight about the fact that it was just wrong timing, but that we both really like each other over all. So, why can't you still hang with people you were drawn to, even if the "dating" part didn't work out? You can. I have. In fact I have been doing it a lot lately.

It's been a while since I've seen FG. I will say this about him. He's a really really good guy. Good to me. Good person. Differences aside, it's really those things that matter.

"You seem a little less moody, and a few pounds lighter"- FG
(this is why I love the chap)

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