Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Russian VS FG

There wasn't a fight. But that would of made a good blog post.

Lets pretend......

So the Russian was mad doggin' FG. So FG looks at him and said "What you looking at, Fool?" and the Russian said "I haven't figured out yet". Then FG walks over to the Russian and puts his face up to his. You could smell the fear of the people around us. The Russians top lip starts to quiver, and they look at each other dead square in the eyeballs and......and....and...THEY KISS!!

What? A girl can have her fantasies!

I introduced my Ex Boyfriend/Bestest friend ever, to my Ex Dating/concert partner...ish, at the Chromeo after party. FG bought us a round of shots. Later that night, I lost my crew. FG found me walking shoeless on the streets, kicking rocks (literally), and gave me a ride to my car. No DP here, Folks!



  1. Love the first take on the story.. The new banner is great btw and I'm sure many will be ordering meatballs today!!

  2. hahaha! Meatball sandwich!

    Thanks Michelle :)