Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Skool Time!

The Trapper Keeper

Oh yes, another first day of school is about to begin in the morning. My Son is starting 8th grade. Crazyyyyy, right?

While we were school shopping today, I suggested that he get a trapper keeper. He looked at me funny. Then laughed. Then asked "what's a trapper keeper?'. What's a trapper keeper, Son?

You guys remember trapper keepers, don't cha? I mean, they were the most awesome thing you could have in your backpack (next to your first tampon and the phone number of the new boy that resembled Jake Ryan). The trapper keeper was radical, man!

The Bitches (Aka, your Friends)

I remember 8th grade. I think Jr High is far more painful for girls, then it is for boys. My Jr High years were HELL. I was picked my own group of friends. Ugh, I wouldn't give anything to go back to those years. They called me butt nose, and flat ass, and flat chested (Aaahaa, look at my knockers now, bitches). I cried a lot. Boys broke my heart. I was a mess. So, really no different then now. Now I just hold a Jack Daniele's while I'm dealing with those things.

It makes me happy to hear that my Son is having fun in Jr High. Thank god. If I was dealing with a teenage girl right now, I would be bankrupt, and highly medicated (bless my Mother). I won't cry when he doesn't kiss me goodbye tomorrow. He already pulled that asshole move all last year. Sheeesh!

Look out 8th grade, EJ is in da house!


  1. Jr High is the worst years for any gender (or species). You don't realize how bad it is until you get into high school. I would give anything to go back in time, if just to punch Jr High in the face.

    I remember Miss Hamby put all of her "trouble" kids in an isolated section (which is pretty messed up in it's own right - being judged without a sorting hat). At this desk island you had 5 kids that looked like they had just got back from Dessert Storm, and little "I just want to be ignored" me with my 3 ringed binder (with a Chicago sticker on the side) trying not to pull any of the other kids fingers or mention Mortal Kombat.

    Good luck EJ.

  2. I agree. It wasn't until I hit high school that I realized it was ok that I didn't have a butt and boobies. Kids are mean at that age. Little asshole people.

    Lunch ladies were the best thing ever. And you could always find me in detention.

    BUT, I too, would kick Jr High in the pee bone!