Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Band Of Horses

Last night I went to yet another concert. Band Of Horses. Oh, how I love you guys. I didn't get to experience the concert to my liking. It was so incredibly crowed and stuffy. I like to watch the bands. I stare and try to lose myself in every song. I would rather not be talk to or bothered during this trance that I'm trying to accomplish. Last night, I was far from a trance and much closer a nervous break down from the amount of elbows and body odor I didn't solicit. I was there, but I wasn't really there.

This is Scott. Scott and I have been friends for 12 years. He will always be one of those friends that pops in and out of my life. Man, do we have some history. Dinner alone was spent laughing at some of our memories. We have always joked that if we weren't married by a certain age, that we would marry each other. Let's just say that we have both passed that certain age, and neither of us are rushing to call a wedding planner. And I'm not certain I could wear white at this point. I'm sure someday I will make a lovely bride, in a black lace dress.

I'm currently in love with the song "Factory". The Utah folks love these guy (my assumption from the turnout last night). They are handsome devils, if I may say.


  1. Yeah, we got there at 9 and there was still a line going in to the show and no parking anywhere. We chickened out but I'm kind of glad we did from the sounds of it. The only thing worse than not seeing a show is having a bad experience seeing a show. I get claustrophobic around B.O. and hipsters.

  2. Right? It was like having a sound track over playing while watching people in plaid shirts and beards drink beer.

    Not my idea of fun. Call me crazy....again!

  3. once i got there i quickly realized i would probably not be able to find you. in fact, i didn't run into any of the people i knew would be there. one of these days we will run into each other at a smaller show.