Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fate Brings Hussies Together

(You didn't think I would let FG's face show in the mirror, did you?)

This story begins in Paris this Spring. While FG and I were embarking on our journey, so were other couples, who wanted to enjoy this magical place. While FG and I were out to dinner one night, we got seated next to a young couple. I quickly noticed that the girl sitting next to me was a gorgeous blonde in a red dress, and soon after me, FG noticed too. And shortly after that, we are all in a full conversation and sharing a dinner table with Kate and her Boyfriend.

We ended spending the evening with them. Went to see a show, and ending up at the VIP room. Dancing our asses off and drinking like sailors. I didn't think I was ever to hear from Kate again, after I drunkenly called on a French Man outside of the club, where I was grabbing my crotch and saying things like "Come on, tough guy" (It's the little fucker Mexican in me. TU SABES!)... But she friend request me on Facebook (which in this day of age means something). We exchanges stories about our short lived romances with our Paris companions and how we should plan to get together sometime. I never thought that soon after that I would be inviting her to Egypt and New York with us. And that she would be going.

This random girl who I met in Paris traveled with me this Summer and is going back to Egypt and New York with me next week. We always talk about how random this was. If they've would of gone to dinner even an hour later or before or vice versa, we would have never met. These are the times I have to believe in fate. I mean, I could of met some girl in Paris who was pretty but not cool. Instead I met one of the coolest chicks ever, with a personality and a heart of gold.  She's silly (which I LOVE) and she's such a good friend. I'm very happy I  met this random person in Paris, who now will share the second round of this trip with me.

And it doesn't hurt that she's a Rams Cheerleader and smoking hot!!!
I'm about the girl love, if you fools haven't noticed.

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