Wednesday, November 17, 2010


As I’ve been pondering this word, I’ve come to the conclusion that vulnerability isn’t a choice. We are all vulnerable. Every single one of us. Try as we might to shield ourselves from harm, loss, and pain, not one of us is guaranteed even another moment without facing the inevitable valleys of life. In a flash, any one of us could lose a loved one. Any one of us could be diagnosed with cancer. Any one of us could have our worst fears come true.

Most of us don’t choose acceptance. Instead, we spend our lives fighting against reality. Fighting against our vulnerability creates a life that is stressful, clenched up, constricted, closed off. It is a life of overeating, over drinking, overexercising, overworking, and under loving. When you fight vulnerability, just say, fuck it. And let go. Because in reality, I love the awkward, complicated, and painfully beautiful collage that’s created when I experience all my emotions.


  1. This is so true, I love how you put things that seem so hard to understand and grasp into understandable words for me. I have been living the life of overworking,overexercising, and under loving. I love the thought of letting go and giving into all of my emotions...Thank you once again :)

  2. This is one of the best entries you've ever written.