Saturday, December 25, 2010

Keep Cool My Babies

In a couple of more hours Christmas will be long gone. At least for 11 months (mumbling thank god under my breath). Now,  let's catch up on the fun, shall we?

This last week I was lucky enough to get a visit from one of my favorite girls, Kate. Even if I did spend a lot of time with her during the Summer, I haven't seen her in a bit and I absolutely love her. I got to spend some time with her in NY when I first met Kate in person, after month and months of emails full of all sorts of girl talk. It was nice to have her here in SLC amongst the people I love and have heard so much about her. I wish I had more time with her, because I feel that we are so close that I would be seeing her a lot if we lived anywhere near one another. For now, I'm happy I get to see her and look forward to our emails full of ovarian driven words.

The next day, Ashely was in my possession. I got TWO of my girls back to back. Lucky me.

And then....
She scared the hussy out of me!
Well, not completely.


  1. That was great!!!! It is those moments that we look back on and always make us laugh to ourselves or put a smile on our face. If you are walking past someone on the street and they are laughing or smiling to themselves...chances are it was a moment like this that they are remembering. I know it made me smile!!!! Well done!

  2. Yes!!! Just saw this! So glad I got to come. It was so fun even if it was a tease (and during a slightly stressful period of both of our lives). 2011 million words of emails in 2011 and as many travel miles while we are at it! Love you mucho.