Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Mayor Of Las Vegas

I quick jump to Vegas Thursday put me back to my spontaneous ways. That I will admit, they have kind of lost their charm (like watching porn). We had an amazing dinner and jumped at the chance to order from the Truffle menu. It was heaven. After, we headed to the new Cosmopolitan Hotel. A lovely group of friends and some cocktails was just what the Dr. ordered. As we were walking to catch a cab to our next destination, I heard a live bad. I looked over at my friend and said "oh, I love live music. I would rather watch a lounge act at a casino then go to a club", Then I realized that this band was covering a Mayer Hawthorne song. I thought oh, how cool. As we got closer I thought, well that Man looks like the Mayer.....

I got closer and closer and then it hit me like a Beatles fan in the 60's. 

I quickly fumbled for my phone to text Steven to let him now I was accidentally in the same building as he was, and of course to give him a big hug. Sadly, Steven was back in LA. I did manage to make my groupie ass way, with a timid tap to the shoulder belonging to the Mayor. I said...

Me: Hey, do you by chance remember me from Salt Lake like a month back?

Mayer: Yes, BARBS! You darkened your hair.

Umm, HELLOOO!!! Barbs? AND he realized I darkened my hair??? 100 POINTS for Mr. Hawthorn.  (Men take notes: Nicknames and always paying attention to details including hair colored = 100 POINTS) So random, and so cool. It ended up being a wonderful night. So maybe the spontaneous trips are still charming in a much different way now. With the realization that there not as charming, but hella fun and random.

What happens in Vegas....goes on my blog...ish!

Mayor Hawthorne- Just Ain't Gonna Work Out.

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