Thursday, October 13, 2011

New FALL Editions.

The Steve Madden Boot.
The Steve Madden pink platform.
The Steve Madden Green pump.
Which are ALL still in the box...
For something exciting.

The black leather jacket from Bebe.
I'm not a huge Bebe shopper, but I have to say that lately 
they have really got some great jacket.
One thing that Bebe does perfect is the cut in their duds. 
(How beautiful is my BFF Ashley)

The Belt. Vintage. Adore.
It's been one of my favorite pieces EVER!
I'm still in denial that I won't be able to walk around in a tube top anymore.

Denial is something I'm not new at.

The Chanel Maxi
That is actually my newest addition as it met my loving arms today
as a gift from a very nice friend who delivered it himself today and made my day.

And the random fur (Faux, Duh) piece that I can't wait to throw 
over anything and everything. 

I save the best for last...
My new yellow beanie!
And EJ makes his first fashion debut of his own,
 in his new awesome leather jacket. 
Right on, EJ!!

Now, if I can find some reasons to wear these fabulous fall pieces.
Because I seem to be living in my flat boats I got at target the other day. 

*Now, I know I've been slacking with the blogging. I may only be blogging about my boring materialistically driven things because I'm having a hard time expressing myself on here (again). I went on a date not too long ago with a very nice guy, who is hilarious (Bonus) and he asked me over dinner if I sometimes have a hard time writing and if at times I don't feel like sharing things that are going on in my life. He really nailed how I have been feeling lately. And I'm so unsure about my feelings on a day to day bases lately that I shy away from posting anything that I'm uneasy about. There's still things from the last 6 months that I haven't written about. I'm not sure if I ever will share them. I sound like such a broken record lately on here. I'm sure you all understand. We are only human, right? 

I will say that my time with Elijah lately has been some of my most favorite times. My radio show is going great. I have some other projects that are allowing me to be involved in fashion AND I'm getting paid to put my input in about fashion. Dream job. I really do have amazing friends. I'm ok. I'm only human, right?

So, back to my boring materialistically driven things...
Aren't they lovely?


  1. You are simply perfect JUST the way you are.

    Stop second guessing yourself - it will all come together - and you'll either keep those lovely-ish? stories to yourself or your share and give us all a good laugh.

    Regardless - from one fashion lova to another - write all damn DAY about FASHION if your heart fancies.... i'm not complaining. :)


  2. loving the blog!! and i am loving the pictures!!

  3. I have been reading your blog off and on for a while and I need to know how do you stay so young looking??? I honestly would never believe you were over 30 by looking at your pictures. You seem youthful and so wise at same time. Anyway, I hope you do more beauty posts in the future and I really like your blog.

  4. Hey, thanks guys for the comments! I always look forward to receiving them.

    Annymous. Thank you for the compliment. I really don't know exactly what it is. I have never been much of a drug user, which my good friends always point that out as to the reason why. But, I do drink and I have smoke ciggaretts off an on fit years but sadly more on than off this last year and it's not something I'm proud to even admit. My sleeping has been horrible this past year too. I do eat prety well, as far as trying to get the good stuff in. I do drink a lot of water. I think it just comes down to being lucky that it's in my blood? And maybe the fact that laughing is a huge important thing in my life can't hurt. I did get Botox for the first time last month for my birthday and I'm not sure I love it! I can't move my forehead and it makes me freak out!!! It's a weird feeling. Not sure I'll do that again until I truly need it! I think with all that I've mentioned on top of being a naturally stressed induced person, I'm sure one of these days I'm going to wake up looking my age plus 10. Hehe!

    Lots of love you ladies :)