Monday, October 10, 2011


Over the weekend I was deathly ill...In fact I am still blogging from my bed with this terrible nasty cold. There was nothing I could do but sleep, and I watched a plethora of documentaries because believe it or not, I love them. Endless and endless hours on the history channel made me move to PBS where I came across this Ken Burns film about Prohibition in the 1920's. It went a little something like this...

Wife's were pissed because their hard working husbands found a little comfort from the daily reality in a bottle.  Men were getting drunk, they were getting belligerent, and wife's had HAD IT!!!

After enough huffing and hussy throwing fits, alcohol was now illegal. 
Saloons were shut down. 

FIN the devilish drink.

But just like with anything you make illegal, people will always find a way to get it. 
The demand was there so the supply had to follow.

So here comes Al Capone, and he's like..

"Eh Oye, I got some liquor and in return I'm gonna be the baddest gangster ever and you will worship and fear me and I'll get you drunk and what not? Capiche?"

Then shit got fucked real quick...
Shit went doooown...

Long story short..

14 years later they came to the conclusion that you can't take away peoples drinky drink, and that everyone has the choice to either make the moral decision to drink or to make the unmoral decision to get knee walking drunk. But how about coming to the conclusion that someone can enjoy a glass of this devilish poison after a long day at work or when gathering around with friends at the salon and that's as far as that goes. A happy medium?

Everything was so black and white then!


Get your hooch, hit on that dame but be responsible and don't drive the Jalopy home, or you'll get punched in the kisser.


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