Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hush Ingrid Bergman

finally have a min to post the pics from my Birthday.. I have been waiting, I have so many great pictures and so little space :)
Aaahaa around the time the cocktails kicked in, Dance party USA and kisses!


Steven makes me laugh all the time

Mikal and I talk music all day everyday

Nate is my makeup artist and the best

have you seen him dance?

Megan and I had dinner yesterday and she told me she does not remember anything after this.




He picked out my dress and I almost didn't wear it but then I saw his face when I put it on and I just had daaaa!

Romances are fun :)

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  1. your party was so FUN!!!! cool people, good music and your new guy is so much fun. I am happy for you.