Wednesday, October 14, 2009


MY WIFEY!!! Some people come in your life and they stick for life, Tenille "Tree" Taggart is one of those and she is coming to visit this weekend. T.T.T is one of my favorite people in my world, we shared a beautiful summer together, had a long myspace music romance (were we would just find bands and cool music and share) we have a son named Paco together , where is Paco? I even have a part of her with me always, she sketched the heart tattoo I have on the inside of my arm..then she picked up and moved and my life was never the same, I miss her the most when I have conversations with dumb girls, I can honestly say that my 3 best girlfriends are hysterical, I appreciate the connection I have with her and I realize that girls like us are a rare breed and I won't be modest about that so suck it!! I love her with all my heart and Sunday we are having brunch and playing at a vintage shop and having a sleep over, I'm sure my tummy will hurt the next day from all the laughing and love the idea of a batch of new inside jokes. Love my T.T.T

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  1. oooooohhhhh kennedy's head!!! i can't wait to see you and have a wake over at your house (since we both know we will be doing anything but sleeping hahaha) i think we should make a new video too....hmmmmm! i love you so much :) i'll see you sooooon!!