Sunday, November 22, 2009

He likes to pick at my skin, like a crack head, even if most of the time I'm blessed with the latin flawless-ish (oh, get over it) sometimes a tiny lil' fucker emerges, I'm saving this one for when he gets here Wednesday.

Me: I need u to pop one for me
DMN: Where is it?
Me: Right side, chin area
DMN: Ewww... Is it white yet?
Me: Whiter then you...
DMN: Nastyyyyyyyy
Me: You love it
DMN: I know

*I am super stoked (did I just use the word stoked?) that we get to slap a turkey around together, for I am cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner for 11, with the help of my all American Bo-hunk, who is making the stuffing (I'm sure there's going to be a lot of dirty "stuffing" jokes that day) this is the 4th year that I have taken on the role of host as a thanks to my Mama for all the years she cooked, she gets to just show up and relax, I got a lot to do in preparation for this Vato Loco Thanksgiving...WOOHOO! It's going to be fun to "stuff" everyone in my townhouse that is 3 levels but not very wide. Wish me luck :)

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