Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eli Potash

Our local street musician. Any of us that frequent the Broadway theater to watch the independent films, will mosey on over to the Broadway. They also have rum flavored chocolate, so you can't go wrong at this theater. And the pre show is a treat in itself.

As you start to walk closer to the theater you will hear the sound of a distant Cello. On your left hand side you will find Eli playing in the corner. Eli has been apart of the Salt Lake downtown scene for years. He has given us a theme song to our movie nights. We have generously tipped him. We have even been late getting to our seats because we are put in a trance by this magical Man and his cello.

I always say hello to him. Sometimes he talks. Sometimes he doesn't. But when he does, the conversation can go on for what seems like forever. He has a lot to say when he does decide to speak. And he definitely has the attention of people who wan't to hear what he has to say. When he decides not to talk, we will listen to his beautiful Cello, who speaks for him.

I watched this today and had to share. My favorite is when Eli drops the F-Bomb in excitement. He's such a character. He sure is adored in our community. Like they said, "We are lucky to have him."

A nice little Christmas story for ya'll.


  1. My pleasure. Thank you for inspiring me.

  2. One word....AWESOME!!!!! Thank you for sharing this!