Saturday, April 17, 2010

Today's Special

(let's get this out of the way. Kate looks beat...moving on)

I have been obsessing over the white Boyfriend Jacket for a while,( À la Miami Vice-Duran Duran Stylo) but have found it to be a hard item to get my little fingers on. While I was at the H&M in L.A, there was a gal with one sexy white jacket on, I asked her where she got it (well, my little fingers asked me to ask her) she said Urban Outfitters. So, today is free time-shopping-lunaberry day (YAY).

I walked into Urban (well I skipped) all excited and ready for this jacket to get acquainted with my little fingers, when the lady at Urban said "mmmm, sorry...we are out" and I said "oh, know what Betch?.....F' YOU" (I said that in my head, À la Kelly Stylo) THEN...there she was, on the sale rack, ONE little lonely white jacket. Automatically, my little fingers perked up, and started doing the air piano. The jacket gave my fingers that look, like saying "please wrap them around me, BUT make sure they are clean, cuz after all, I'm white and I get dirty reeeeal quick" (What my Jacket said, could very well be Ke$ha's lyrics).

So, that's my story. I got it and it was on sale, and I have been spending money like I don't have rent to pay. (I'm asking for an intervention, Friends and Family)

And a pair of acid washed jeans (Hell yeah)

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