Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lovely Words

I received a message tonight that made me giggle and cry (another thing that made me cry today). I'm so humbled by this. Ebay is the local DJ of our independent radio station, KRCL. It's the only station I like to listen to. Ebay to me is like my Professor in the school of music. I learn from him. I have established a relationship with his voice. He's actually a big part of my life, and I spend most mornings with him, hanging on his every song and word. So, for me to get this message from him is absolutely lovely. It put a big old smile on my face after this long emotional day. Serotonin refilled. Thank you Ebay.


  1. So cool to be a part of that story. Very nice words from a very cool individual.

  2. ebay is such a sweetheart and i am glad his words made you feel better! i don't even know you in person and i know you are fabulous. hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Thanks girl. You are always very sweet as well.