Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chemistry Blindness. The Epidemic.

If you ask women what qualities they seek in a man, inevitably the conversation turns to chemistry. Women say they know immediately whether there is that magical spark or not. But what is chemistry?

Here’s what I get as a response:

- Chemistry is ha cha cha, spoken in a breathy voice

- It’s sparks and electricity

- It’s excitement and desire

- It’s an attraction that sizzles. BAM!

- It makes you melt

- It’s the stuff that sells romance novels

- And also, makes you GAG!

So, what do all these descriptions have in common? Sex. Yup, that’s what chemistry is really about.

Chemistry is exciting, magical, fast paced, and cannot be denied. Or can it? Many Women are willing to let chemistry dictate their relationship choices. I mean how may of you gals have put up with a jerk because he bent you over right, and made you forget your lat name and who the current president was, for a slip second.


Chemistry often overwhelms and clouds a person’s better judgment. The magnetic attraction can be compared the classic story of the moth drawn to the flame. And what happens to the moth when it gets too close? The moth gets burned!

Many women admit they found chemistry with men who are “bad boys.” These men can be romance junkies who love the chase, but disappear when the discussions start. Bad boys are terribly fun, but emotionally unavailable and even commitment phobic. They are exciting, but not interested in long-term relationships. The same goes for "good guys'. Good guys always finish last. Mostly because no girl wants a guy so nice that he doesn't want to pull your hair during the act of sexy time. Sexual timidness is cute for a minute, but long term, your going to crave the Barbarian in the bedroom.

When you know a man is bad for you, regardless of how right it feels when you’re together, you are probably the victim chemistry blindness. One clear sign is if you notice yourself saying “I just can’t help it.”

Pull your head out of your ass and help it, Sister.


  1. ah! story of my life :)

    I just saw the most interesting documentary on Netflix 'The Science of Sex Appeal' it's fascinating you should try and watch it someday...

    fab post

  2. Epic post Barby. Your blog owns, for serious.