Friday, December 10, 2010

Weather Report

My text conversation with Luke this morning.

Luke: What you've been up to?

Me: Just being irrational, emotional and running from feelings and anything that disturbs the peace in my heart. You know, emotionally unstable people stuff.

Luke: Who wouldn't if the peace in the heart is being disturbed. It's a pretty important thing to have disturbed.

Me: I'm easy to love. From a far.

Luke: Are you a tornado? Some poor guy gets sucked out of his house and ends up on the other side of town without any shoes and doesn't remember how he got there?

Me: Hahahaha! YES. A natural disaster.


  1. I freakin love your blog.

  2. Barby, it's like you read my mind sometimes!All my life I thought everyone was as big of an emotional wreck as I was, but it might only be a few of us!! :) keep writing gorgeous!

  3. We are out there. Emotional as they come. Ovaries don't help.

    Thanks for the kind words, GUYS :)