Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Ugg-lies. Ok, so I will be the first to admit that this boot might not necessarily be the most attractive thing. It lacks the gorgeousness and snottiness of Manolo Blahnik, but still shares a home with the crème de la crème in fine department stores.

This poor boot gets no mercy, and there is never a shortish of people who will pick on this Australian character. It was trendy. Celebrities in Hollywood were wearing these in 68 degree weather. It was the hot tamale. It shorty got fingers pointed and giggles exchanged like an Ed Hardy shirt on a Guido. I will say this about the Ugg (in its defence, sticking up for the poor foreign exchange student that's being bullied), it's the most comfortable thing you feet will ever know.

As for me, waking up at early to run my Son to school, in this brutal winter weather. Or running to the store to get a box of Tampons in my PJ's. Or my most recent (demise) need for them, the hangover. There is nothing that makes more sense then the Ugg. I also find that Men are the ones that seem to hate this boot. Woman seem to defend it, and rationalize it, by explaining that it's just too damn cold to care if it's ugg-ly.
I will be asking Santa for a new pair this year.

I think this is the only person that can pull off a pair of Uggs and a red swimsuit. I'm sure along with her double G's, these Ugg boots might also double as a floatation device.

Feel free to pick on THIS.


  1. ewwwww I hateeee these things - I refuse to buy them no matter how comfy they look - they are like outdoor slippers - ewww - come visit my site :D love your BARBY WITH A Y BYTCH - NOT YOUR MOTHERS MEATBALLSS hahaha had me cracking up - very quirky :D
    ps how do i become a follower on your page - i dont se it...