Saturday, December 31, 2011

Don't You Forget...

Another year has come and gone. New people have entered out life's. We have learned new things and hopefully learned about yourselves. A year can bring great things. And of course, maybe somethings that were not so great. You can't fully appreciate one without the other. Happiness sometimes is humbled my some heartache, and we appreciate the happiness after the sadness has simmered.

As humans, in this world, you can't have a perfect life, or a perfect year. Instead of making New Years Resolutions, let's take it day by day.  As humans, in this world we won't have a perfect 2012. Enjoy and appreciate the family and the people that have been a big part of your 2011. Thank them, and let them know that 2011 just wouldn't have been what it was without them. We learn from everything that happens to us. We learn from the experiences, the happiness and the sadness, the people that were in our life's. Some will remain in the year to come, and some will not. The experiences are here to say, the happiness and sadness we can bet on, and the people are what makes it all worth while.

Raise your champagne glass Or your bud light Or your Shirley Temple (whatever your poison is for the night) and toast, to whatever doesn't kill us, will only make us stronger. Forgive and forget. Appreciate what we do have. Laugh, cry, make mistakes. Just be true to yourself. And don't puke on your friends. That's just rude.

I wish you ALL a great night with the people you love. Everyone be safe. Everyone look killer. Even if you're rocking your PJ's or that little dress you plan to wear to make some jaws drop. Wherever you are, whatever you're wearing...or NOT wearing, Happy New Year, folks. Have a true hussy moment tonight but keep it classy....ish!

2011, Don't You Forget About Me.
2012, You Better Represent

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