Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Sleepover Of The Year!

Ashley is getting Married and we are finding any excuse to throw parties in celebration, Last night we had the a grand sleepover with the crew, Ty and Brandon were the ONLY 2 boys invited, cause they know about shoes and they are the icing on our crew cake! We ate pizza, dipped chips, drank champagne, giggled, danced and we did it all in our P.J's, it turned out to be on the funnest nights this far! In the morning (with my massive hangover) we woke up with all of us on the living room floor loving the fact that ALL of us ladies are Mommies, who have sleepovers, I LOVE my friends.
On that note Karla in her Sponge Bob onesie P.J's wins.

I take Jesus with me to sleepovers.

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