Saturday, April 24, 2010


If it wasn't for the fact that I have been sitting here all day working on Ashley's pictures (with the help of my buddy Stirling) I would be very pissed off by the fact that these carpet cleaning guys are 3 hours late. I still took that opportunity to call them and rip them a new ass HOLE!

I realized today that I love taking pictures but I dislike photohop..ugh, the cloning stamp? For crying out loud, could this take any longer? Now I know why photographer take forever to give you an image back. Unless they have time to sit around and wait for the carpet cleaner, who the hell wants to use the cloning stamp for 3 HOURS? I now get it, and apologize to any and ALL photographers I have harassed for my pictures. I should be ashamed.

Had a ranging headache all day that was cured with a cup of coffee and Stirling asking if I had lost weight (OH, look I'm in a good mood now). This low calorie BS puts me in a raging bitch mode. I want a fucking burger, for the love of Bob!

P.S Carpet guy is here and forgiven. Yes, its because he is cute. I think I once saw a porn that started out like this.

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