Saturday, April 24, 2010

Only me...

Usually when you're expecting the carpet cleaner dude, you open the door to find a 30 something year old, stinky and sweaty (and in some cases chubby) man. You don't really expect to open the door and see this (minus the guitar and amazing bow tie).

He cleaned my carpets today. The new bassist from Panic at the Disco and who also has his own band here locally. So, why is he cleaning carpets you ask? because every struggling musician/actor/artist/dreamer has to pay the bills until that big check comes in. We talked music and asked me who the "Black Sabbath"poster in EJ's room belong to. He was interesting, sweaty and very Married (His wife has a good Man for the sole reason that he was VERY respectful and NOT flirty). But come on, you open the door to have THIS guy ready to clean your carpets? what movie am I in?

Speaking of flirty and carpet cleaner, where is my FG today?


  1. Panic! is playing Big Ass Show in SLC in Oct. You should go say hi and tip him for doing such a good job! :)

  2. Just found his twitter! @DallonWeekes You should follow him and talk about carpets! He is hilarious/sexy. I HATE that combination.