Friday, December 3, 2010

Van Hunt

Van Hunt. Man, I can't believe I'm now just writing about this magical Man.  Silky. Smooth. Sexy (SSS). I believe I started dabbling in his voice in 2004. I remember I was on Sunset Blvd. I passed a great big billboard of this face. I was so intrigued with who this Man was, that I soon after involved myself. Both of his albums, through the years have made appearances in and out of my life. And he always seem to be there just at the right time. Like an old friend. Me and Van Hunt, we tiiiiight.

If his influences don't you give you an indication of what kind of an artist he is....then slap me silly (oh, wait, I might like that). Just take my word. He's heaven.

David Bowie
Serge Gainsbourg
The Isley Brothers
Curtis Mayfield
Thelonious Monk
The Ohio Players
Iggy Pop
Richard Pryor
Sly Stone
Neil Young


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