Sunday, November 22, 2009

Smothered Burritos N Common Sense

So girls are crazy, topic of conversation over Mexican food, "All girls are lesbians and all guys are pedifiles" a quote from Ann Poll, my gorgeous Playboy playmate friend. Girls who bash other girls are insecure, Jealousy is the ugliest emotion to feel and it will eat you alive (my Mama actually always preached that one to me) Dating is hard but all of us are in our 30's and it does get easier when it comes to knowing what you will and won't put up with (and you get over things quicker) we can't wait for our 40's, never stop learning, a real smart person will admit that they don't know everything, its the people who walk around like they are better then everyone are not fooling anyone, always wash your make up off before bed (you'll thank me when you're my age) don't throw a fit in front of a guy, he will most likely dump you and send you home to your Mommy, throw down a beer once in a while, girls that are not sexual and in tune with their "parts" whether its from being a prude or not confident will never know real good sex (this one made me real sad for girls like these) farts are funny and will always be, threesomes are overrated, masturbation in front of 2 people is underrated, trust until given a reason not too, forgiveness is true spiritual freedom, brand names use to be cool, vintage is much cooler (just don't touch my Gucci purses..or else) be true to yourself always and everything else will follow.

Ann, Rachelle and I- on keeping it real!

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