Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's That Time Of Year Again, Kittens!

*Elijah and Santa thought it was soooooo hilarious when I broke my candy cane, Reeeeeally funny guys!!!!

Oh, Christmas! What a joyful time, a time for 5 extra pounds, badly wrapped presents (from me) and an empty wallet when it's all said and done, that is why people never understand why I ask for cash, don't buy me gifts, give me money so I can buy my SlimFast....and things I really want. I do love the tradition passed on by my Mama, we get all bundled up and drive to the tree lot to pick out a fresh tree, that we will struggle to get off the roof of the car and will (without a doubt) drop 2 to 4 times before getting it in our living room, I love the smell of the fresh tree all month long (I got the whole shpeel from my BF about the environment when I shared our tradition, lucky for me, rumor has it the world is ending in 2012 so the least the world can do for ME is let ME have a GOD DAMN fresh tree for Christmas) Good Talk!
Oh, Christmas! What a joyful time.

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