Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mi Vida!

My Parents wedding, my birth, my baptism and funny clips of my Brother and I, mixed in with some of the music I remember as a child growing up in Mexico City, seeing my Mom so happy and in love with my Dad, seeing my Abu's face and holding me, wishing he could hold me again, seeing my beautiful Abis all fancy, seeing my little brother and what a funny little, cute and bashful baby he was AND just seeing what a beautiful family I have, beautiful, loving, fun, people who taught me everything, I can't watch it without crying. Thank you to my wonderful and creative boyfriend who laid in bed with me (while the soup he made from scratch with our leftover turkey was simmering AND that's just one of the things from the list of MANY wonderful things he does, how much time you got?) He pretty much did all the work, I just directed him and even then he took his own direction and made it even better (thank you Baby, you are the best I have ever had, I love you) I have a beautiful life :)


  1. I think it turned out really well. If we had more time we coulve spiced up the end and added more transitions... Oh well, first pass is a keeper. I'll mail you a DVD for mama.

  2. You are lovely like your Mama, I love this video and yes you do come from a beautiful family with culture, very nice :-)

  3. awww, why thank you :)

    AND I am very happy with the finished product (we ran out of time cuz we had to take care of something very important before he left *nudge*nudge*wink*wink* eh? eh? ya know?)