Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I woke up and smelled his coffee...

God, he was so wrong for me, why does it takes us so long to come to that conclusion? No matter how much I tried, how many times I didn't want to give up, it would have NEVER changed the fact that this person was completely wrong for me, just because we had similar interest in fashion, art, music and hair products (which should of been the first red flag, umm..that's MY hair straightner,buddy) does not mean that the souls will match up. Man, I cried a lot and asked myself "why?" for over a year, and all I wanted was to talk, and all I got was doors slammed in my face, never again. I have learned so much lately, about communication and the things that I have to work on (cuz anyone that has dated me will tell you, I'm NO peach sometimes, I deal with things that are deep in the heart of my past that tend to bring out insecurities) what a difference talking makes, and something that could be blown up to something dramatic and unnecessary gets eliminated with a simple loving conversation..So yes, my personality does have a lot do with it and yes, I'm NO peach sometimes but dating the wrong people does not help. I have no regrets, for I have learned, and if I would have never cried over this, I wouldn't be sitting here fulfilled with the current situation in my heart. The only tears I cry lately are happy tears, the only doors slamming these days are the ones of my past and I'm no longer dating the wrong guy.

Ya dig?

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  1. I agree, when it's the right person it just works, it's easy and lovely. Glad to hear you are this point in your life.