Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Small Talk In All It's Glory

Wouldn't it be great if we could answer people with a kick in the crotch? I hate the question "how's it going?" How's what going? My day? Shitty, I keep getting harassed by people asking me "how's it going?" My most favorite one is "what's your story?" Ugh, this one deserves the hardest kick in the crotch with a pointed toe stiletto (as 2003 as that shoe is, I will wear it JUST to kick those people in the crotch that ask those moronic questions) I like to answer with "my shrink and I have not determined what my story is yet"

I'm not a bitch (ish) sometimes I'll ask people how's it going, just to see if they have an original answer, so far, people are unoriginal assholes who are always good, great and pretty good. Doesn't anyone tell the truth anymore? Admit that you are having a shitty day, and every other day has been shitty and everyday in the future WILL BE SHITTY. The next time you ask someone how their day is going, expect, NO, DEMAND the truth, make them admit that they're having a shitty day, and then do your best to make it worse.


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