Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Proper little Bytch

Sit up straight, pinky out, pucker lips.

One clump or two? Today Ashley P (not to be mistaken for Ashley Q) put together our first annual kick off to spring tea time with the girls at the Grand America. It just ended up being Ashley and I, Tiff showed up later because the rest of the 5 girls partied too hard last night and couldn't get up for this classy event. Tiff who didn't want to be photographed because she was in jeans and Ashley and I agreed that it was NOT acceptable afternoon tea attire. Tea turned into endless glasses of Champagne and before you know it, you have 3 girls in dresses and pearls (one in jeans) talking about sex and everything in between, including how many guys in the past we all have in common, oh yes, the perks of living in Small Lake. Little sandwiches with the crust cut off, little crackers with caviar, little desserts and big giggles about when It's okay to pass gas in front of a lover (I say whenever you need to, girls)

We live in a town that doesn't entertain us, so we take it upon ourselves to entertain the town. A marvelous day.

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  1. I need a fun friend like you here. You seem to always have fun and love life.