Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nueva York Highlights

I finally got a chance to meet Kate during my days in New York. It was one of those things where we met on the corner of the street and we were meeting for the first time, face to face. We spent the evening on the roof of the Soho House. We drank cocktails, shared crab cakes and got acquainted.

I think my good old Myspace days have knocked some fear out of meeting people that I connected with in the cyber world. Seeing how I have always been up for adventures and thank my ballsiness nature for connecting me with some of the most amazing and interesting friends a girl could ask for (Adding Kate to that list).

Kate is beautiful (My friends drooled), sweet, smart, easy to talk to. We realized that we can talk forever, about anything and everything. I enjoyed myself so much that I also spent my last evening with her, having more girl talk over red wine and grilled cheese sandwiches at the ACE hotel. A weird situation brought us together. After the shit died down, we were left with a very cool situation, and the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Can't wait for our next K&B adventure!

Gary Woods. My last Myspace connection turned real meeting (Gary was the last one I hadn't concurred). I have had an Internet friendship with Gary for 3 years. I admired his Photography and great taste in music (from his Myspace) and we just clicked. 3 years later after missing each other every time I would be in LA or NY, we finally pulled it together, and spent Monday together. We ate burgers, talked about relationships over gelato, and then he offered to come shopping with me. That's the true test for a Man, cause he didn't complain and actually was very helpful. I think him being a Fashion Photographer has been great training for him. Gary is cool.

I feel so lucky to have spent my time with these two cool cats. I have loved them over my computer screen, but nothing beats that good old fashioned human connection.


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