Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blonde Redhead

These guys are one of my favorites. The album "23"is on my top favorite albums. I have a click of friends that are my "music" friends. The friends that always have music to recommend. The recommendations usually always happen on my facebook wall. Tommy, my dear friend in LA, who I met on Myspace (back in the old Myspace glory days) and who I have shared concerts with when I get the chance to be in LA. He's the one that got me into these guy and many other bands, that I now love.

This album is very dear to me. Music has a way of sticking in whatever life event is occurring. Like a Soundtrack to your life. A song that triggers an emotion. It can take you back to a place, or a time, with a person, or thing. It can give you bad memories (those are the worst), or , they can make you smile, miss someone, or be glad that they are gone (those are the best).  Nostalgia is powerful, just like the music that triggers it.

I was in a very good place while indulging in this album. Every time I listen it greats me with peace. I'm looking to find that place again, and an album to tag along for the ride. In the mean time, this album plays quietly tonight.

*I will be in the front row at the end of October!


  1. when I worked in NYC their practice space was just up the street and I would see them almost daily at Cafe Gitane :) My good friend Alyce Shomer www.alyceshomer.com did the MU for their video Not Getting There http://pitchfork.com/tv/#/musicvideo/8382-blonde-redhead-not-getting-there-4ad

  2. Zuz, you just know everyone. I love your NY stories. I will check it out :)