Monday, September 6, 2010


This is Ashley. One of the closet people in my life and Best friend. If I was to hold my hand up and count how many real true friends I have, that I trust with anything and everything, Ashley would be on one of those fingers. I could use one hand to name those people.

She's always there for me. My panic button. My voice of reason. I could call her at anytime and she would be there for me, without a doubt! We jump on beds. We have sipped Cafe Cremes in Paris. We have dances our asses off. We laughed until we peed. Now that she lives in Virginia, even though I miss her, and she is so far away, she is still very close to me.

She is a beautiful person inside and out. An amazing Mommy. She's extremely funny. A fashionista. A rocking wife. And last but not least, she's an amazing friend. She's my 5 star friend (as I like to call her). I love her very much!


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