Friday, September 24, 2010

It's A Band.

Last night we all mosied on over to the Phoenix concert at the venue. I got into this band when I just randomly picked up their first album in 2000. It became one of my favorites. At that time no one knew who they were. I'm still so surprised how many people still don't know who they are. "I'm going to Phoenix tonight", people's response- "oh, what time does your flight leave?".... It's band, people! A French band, to be exact. I swore off drinking after my Birthday mess. But there I was again, last night, basking in the ambiance of vodka tonics.

I  was with a very fun group of friends last night. 
I'm not sure what Billy and I had going on at this moment. 
(yes I do, I'm just not telling)

What's going on in this picture between Billy, FG and myself confuses me.
The creepy guy in the back is fun!

Look, it's FG!!!

Between working as much as I have been, trying to squeez in gym time, bribing my stinker to come home from his Dads (the boy is still in Dad mode. teenage boys, sheeesh) and at times working DOUBLES, like I am today ($$$$$). I enjoy some social time with friends. It's also nice to rip tags off things that haven't been worn do to the things I listed above. I had a great night! 

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