Sunday, November 7, 2010

Here We Go....

A couple of weeks ago I met Luke Temple. At the time I had no clue who this guy was that I was lighting a cigarette for outside of the Dr. Dog show. The conversation started on a very weird but hilarious topic. Balls! Yes Ladies and Gents, it is a FACT that you can hold a very interesting and funny conversation about a Mans wrinkly and funny looking private parts. After that conversation it was a pretty good indication that this was the makings of a beautiful friendship. Luke and I have managed to keep each other in the loop of our daily activities. Of course, his are a little more eventful, with him being on tour and all. His consist of waking up in a new city, and I battle the daily agony of choosing what shoes to wear. It makes for some fun witty banter. I find him absolutely interesting, and he still manages to have this endearing silly side, that doesn't seem to interfere with his serious artistic side. I now look forward to my text messages from my new friend. He's a super cool dude, and he writes beautiful music.  I never forget to thank life for making mine so random and fun.

Sadly, their van broke down in San Diego. They had to cancel some shows. Sucky situation, but funny ass text messages...

Luke: What are you doing right now?
Me:    Hi. I'm driving. Sorry to hear you are dealing with bad car stuff. What's the update?
Luke: Just gonna trash our van and rent. No other option. More to fix then to rent. Booooobb!
Me:    Damn, that sucks. Who's Bob?
Luke: I was saying Boo and just decided to put a "b" at the end. I do stuff like that because I'm an artist.
Me:    I wana try.......Wooooodd!
Luke: Very Gooooo.....
Me:    dd!

Check them out!

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