Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Welcome To My Home....

I can't say that I have ever been one of those chicks that has her "dream home" planned out from the time we were told that a "dream home" would define our role as a woman. Minus the white picket fence and the 2.5 kids, husband and the dog sitting in my dream closet, a girl can still dream, right?

I have always known what I like but have never been too crazily obsessed with the world of I thought. I've been obsessed tonight and most likely have created a monster. This inspired me and also reminded me how poor I am. Meh! Now is the time to set some goals. Hey, some of us are late goal bloomers. 

I would like to think of my style as retro meets France....


Alright, the dog can stay, and maybe you can throw in a live in Boyfriend and the dream car.
But that's as far as this "dream" goes!


  1. LOVE this post! Not only am I obsessed with fashion (*cough* I even work as a Designer because I'm soo obsessed with the industry), but I am a home decor hore. That's cool that you aren't crazily obsessed with decor. It's cool, I can dig it. I do love all the pictures and it says alot about your style! Thank you for sharing! ;)

    I feel obligated to share with you my favorite decor. You have given me so much in your writing. I want to give you something to think about and have fun with too.

    Oh yeah, here's a little info about a Midwestern girl who follows your blog, ME!(this is the company I design for). Going on 10 yrs here:


  2. LISA :)

    I always love your comments! I guess I shouldn't say that I don't love decor, I do. But I have been living in my place for sometime and haven't changed much of the decoration I picked out 7 years ago. I think you and I can both agree that we have a real "grownup" moment the day we buy art, but I have out grown having the Van Gogh's and the Picasso's (as classic as I feel to pieces are, I also feel like I'm not a 22 year old college girl in her first apartment) Ya feeling me?

    I'm ready for a change. I want to move out of my townhome and into a smaller place, with hardwood floors and big windows. I want to get rid of my things and start over with pieces from yard sales that I decided to paint. I want mirrors and chandeliers, plants, a big dinning room table so I can have dinner parties with records of Coltrane playing in the background. You feeling me?

    Now, my fashion style is still very much up to date. That could be the reason I can't afford to give my pad a make over...Hehehe!!!

    Thanks for the links. How do I follow youuuuu? I must return the love!

  3. You are sooo sweet. I wish we lived in the same town. We have soo much in common, it kinda freaks me out at times. A parallel universe sort of thing.

    I totally get the decor thing. I get you have a decor itch right now. Revamping your decor really does wonders for the sole. As much as I love finding the perfect pair of jeans, I get more out of purchasing a pair of pink lamps at an antique store (true story, actually found antique powder pink lamps last week for $40!)

    Me and my dancewear designer friends are always bouncing decor ideas off each other. I would totally love to help you transform your home into a place you can't wait to get home to. I'd also like your opinion too! You can return the love that way.

    I don't blog, Twitter or anything. Not really a way to follow me. I'm sooo sorry! I can email you and give you a way to text me pics or anything. We can communicate that way???

    P.S. I've had a boner for a Super Duty Trans Am since I was 16.

  4. Oh, I love it. Do you Facebook? I love the idea that you're not really linked into the internet party world. Good for you. I, at times get fed up with this stuff and that's why I drop off for a min, but never long enough for you guys to start checking the missing people section on the web (they should totally have one of those). and my facebook link is on the side of my blog too. Keep in touch. I could use to some girl time via email :)

    I should start looking into the antique places here in SLC. I'm sure there are tons of place I have never visited.

  5. Yes, not really linked into the internet world. I would love to have a blog like yours where I could document my life. I bet someday you will look back on your blog and be grateful you are doing this now. I just don't have the time right now. Boo.

    Honestly, texting and emailing me is the best way to keep in touch with me. I sent you an email yesterday with my phone number. Did you get it? Me and my girlfriends are texters and emailers.

    You should totally fashionize your home. Get an Elle Home or House Beautiful magazine. You don't need money to decorate when you know fashion and have an eye for style. You can do it, sister! I can help. It's kinda my thing. ;)


  6. Lisa, I have been meaning to email you back but haven't been on the internet since we last spoke. I will text you here soon and we can keep in touch. You are darling BTW. Glad to put a face with the darling comments :)

  7. RETRANCE!! Love it. I miss my bay windows that faced south on a hill high in Hollywood. Wood floors, hanging plants. I have this incredible longing to nest and settle down and have a pretty place like this. BUT I'm putting my wood bed and dresser in storage...sending my grandfather's beautiful side table back to my aunt...and living out of my car and on friend's couches for a while. Why?! I don't know...I just have to for a while. Bouncing. Vagabonding. And longing for a home. strange times.

  8. Jilly,

    isn't life funny that way? You never know where or what will happen. I wish you the best of luck. I trust that things will work out and that this experience will be what your soul needs right now.